Monday, March 2, 2009

This is the first official day for my blog! Sweet!

Before I go any further, I would like to say a huge thank you to Michelle Baird of Shabby Creations for her beautiful blog design and for her exceeding patience with a client who didn’t have a clue about blogs other than reading them.

My next thank you goes to a new stamp company called Elemental Doodles. The owners have seen fit to name me to their Founding Design Team, and I could not feel more honored or thrilled. The company’s initial launch of stamps is due this month, and I hope all my stamping friends will check out their web site at to see what’s new in polymer stamps.

Thank you also to all the teachers I have been privileged to take classes from over the years: MaryJo McGraw, who delights in pushing students out of their comfort zones and who taught me that a dirty stamp is a good stamp; Judi Watanabe of JudiKins; Joyce Hazen of A Stamp in the Hand; Dee Greunig of Posh Impressions; Nathalie Metivier of Magenta; Michele Charles of Design Originals; Sue Giduck, author of Altered Art & Collage; Zana Clark of Stamp Zia; Lynell Harlow of Dream Weaver Stencils; Jackie Lewis of Inky Antics; Suze Weinberg of Design Studio; Beverly Seymour of BLine Designs; Angela Jones of Eclectic Omnibus; and Jen del Muro, who teaches classes in Copic markers.

Thank you also to my stamping friend, Nettie, who did a lot of hand-holding along the way to a blog, and to another stamping friend, Alex, who is an Enabler Extraordinaire.

My list of thanks would not be complete without acknowledging my extremely supportive husband, Bob, who has encouraged me, spoiled me and watched me grow as a stamper over the last fourteen years.

And to Michael, my youngest son stationed aboard a Coast Guard cutter in the frozen north, who said, "I have to tell all the guys on my ship that my mom has a blog!." Thank you for thinking that old moms can’t learn to jump through new hoops.


  1. Well Happy Birthday to your Blog!! Looking very nice :) love the design and the big buttons.
    And it doesn't load the verification thingie for me in firefox, not sure what's up with that, I get that at several blogs not just yours. So I'm trying to post from Explorer.

  2. Jane, your new blog is beautiful. And I can't wait to start seeing your projects posted as I know they will be fabulous. We are so glad to have you on board our Founding Design Team.

  3. Welcome to the blogging community Jane. Love the banner, layout and design. I can't wait to see some of your fabulous projects. I will add your blog to my "favorite blog roll".

    I know Elemental Doodles will love your work.


  4. YEAH!!!! I am so excited to see all your creations Jane!

  5. I am jealous, how beautiful. I would like three columns but have not figured that out. Also have not figured out the signature. Hopefully I will in time.

  6. i was so jealous I splurged and worked with shabby creations too. I am so happy I did.