Friday, March 26, 2010


This card was made featuring a record snowfall in North Texas on February 11, 2010, about 6:30 a.m. I used a broom and a dustpan since we don't own a snow shovel to clear our front walk so I could walk down to the main sidewalk and take the picture while looking down the street. The street was silent, and the snow was still falling, creating a beautiful world for us to enjoy. The snow continued to fall all day and into the night until we had over 12" at our home.

We thought that was the end of winter for us ... and it was in a sense. The first day of spring we got another 4-1/2" of snow, officially marking the end of winter.

When I was a lot younger and lived in the northern part of the Midwest, I wondered why my in-laws took pictures every time it snowed in Texas. Having lived here for many years, I now know the answer. Snow is so rare down here that it merits making memories with a camera.

The card was made using mainly CS, corner punches, patterned paper and corner rounders. The snowflake embellishment was made using Nestabilities and navy ribbon.

It seems almost impossible that so much time has past since I posted on my blog. I have been involved in making cards to send to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I encourage all of the stampers and scrapbookers to join me in the effort. I send my cards to a stamper in Missouri who is able to forward them to chaplains for distribution to the troops. If you are interested, go to for details.

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